Empowering change

Empowering change

Les Halpin who founded the original Empower: Access to Medicine campaign in 2012, and sadly lost his battle with Motor Neurone Disease in 2013, knew all too well of the barriers holding progress back.

As a statistician, he saw the missed opportunities in our health economy and how the dots don’t currently join up. At the centre of joining those dots is the effective use of patient data. That is why we are forging a new partnership so that we are able to continue the important work that Les started and make the vital case for patient data.

How will we do it? Empower: Data4Health will deliver this through five key activities:

1.  Forging a coalition of patients, charities, clinicians and industry to drive the campaign for better use of data to save lives

2. Harnessing experts and visionaries to help define the routes to an improved health data environment

3.  Pressing the Government to create the right environment in which health data can be best utilised to deliver improved patient outcomes and system sustainability. This in part can be achieved through current and future initiatives, such as the health data reforms and the Accelerated Access Review

4.  Ensuring that reform has patients’ needs and rights at its heart

5. Continuing to hold the system to account where it is not serving patients’ best interests

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