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Show your support!

Show your support!

Patients, parents, campaigners and politicians come together

Hosted by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, the event heard from parents Ruth Le Gal, Alex Johnson and Emily Crossley, along with GW Pharma chairman, Geoffrey Guy and the Government’s former life sciences adviser, George Freeman MP. More than a hundred people attended the Strangers Dining Room to explore the barriers and opportunities to earlier access to medicines.


Why were they there?

Patient organisations believe that their voice and engagement would make major, positive changes to priorities at several stages in the medical innovation process.
The announcements of a UK Early Access scheme and an Adaptive Licensing Pilot in Europe are hugely positive steps forward – but there is still more to be done to make the development of medical innovations more responsive to patients' needs.

We are calling on the Government and political parties to unite behind a medical innovation manifesto for patients, to implement a programme that will see patients having a greater voice in their treatment, and to develop more adaptive pathways for clinical research and medical innovation.

The manifesto, produced by the Oxford-UCL Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) in conjunction with several patient organisations, is supported by Empower: Access to Medicine and Genetic Alliance UK; and a large number of other patient/disease organisations.

Show your support!


Yesterday we had cross party support, and it served as a valuable opportunity to publicly demonstrate our strength of feeling.

We would especially like to thank our speakers, Earl Howe, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, George Freeman MP and Geoffrey Guy of GW Pharma.

We are also incredibly grateful for the support of CASMI, Genetic Alliance UK, Lord Saatchi’s team, the AMRC, the Duchenne Children’s Trust, Action Duchenne, Joining Jack and of course England Rugby’s Andy Farrell!

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We leave you with this supportive message we had from Professor Stephen Hawking on the day:

"Though I cannot be here with you today I wanted to convey my support for Empower: Access to Medicine and its calls for accelerated access to potentially lifesaving drugs.

"True innovation exists at the frontiers of scientific endeavour - this is as true for medicine as it is for physics. Clinicians and pharmacists must be allowed the space to strive for new discoveries with the support of systems that allow responsible innovation.

"The time has come for medical regulation to match modern medicine. I encourage you to sign Empower's petition, let's practically demonstrate that the system can work differently. I wish you every success and good luck".


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