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Access to Medical Treatments Bill - Let’s see it through!

Access to Medical Treatments Bill - Let’s see it through!

Empower looks forward to seeing the Access to Medical Treatments Bill continue its journey through the Commons tomorrow – and continue it must!

We are particularly pleased by the ingenious step of absorbing Nick Thomas-Symonds’ Off-Patent Drugs Bill into the amendments. Mr Heaton-Harris’ database of innovation combined with off-patent access to medicines is a hugely positive step forward, and one Empower fully supports.

Empower is currently undergoing an evolution, which will see us taking on the new challenge of how our health system uses patient information and data more effectively. There will be more announcements on our new direction soon, and we look forward to updating you.

The database of innovation is all about spreading medical innovation and data sharing. Though we may have a National Health Service, our system is often very bad at spreading information nationally. This database could significantly accelerate that information sharing.

Giving the doctors a live peer-to-peer network of treatments, practices, indications and more will surely accelerate medical innovation across the service as a whole.

Graham Silk, who has joined Empower’s drive for spreading innovation, had this to say on the Bill,

“I was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2001, and I’m still here today because of medical research facilitated by the patient data of the leukaemia community. I was one of the lucky ones by being in the right place at the right time. But we need to start taking luck out of the equation by spreading this information faster and wider. This database could have the power to do just that.

“Indeed the drug that saved my life has already shown early promise in other conditions, the off-patent provisions in the Bill could also see patients granted access to a far broader set of treatments which would really open up our health system.

“I am looking forward to continuing Les Halpin’s legacy by working with Parliament, policy makers, and frankly anyone who will listen, to see our health service modernise and digitise to the benefit of patients.”


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